About me

I was born in Lower Austria on 20th December 1962. I am married and I have 1 son. I am a trained life coach and counselor for systemic family consultation as well as a trainer for Integrative Family Constellation by J. Schober-Howorka® in individual, group, and remote sessions. For many years, I have worked intensively with personality development. Starting with the physical level and moving on to working with emotions and energy, I came to know myself better. My training in family constellation brought me full circle to my roots. My inner compass and associated images have become the best tools I possess to accompany people along their paths. The profound, the endless quality of all things is the focus of my life and work. It permeates my work as an advisor and trainer, as well as my photographs and poems.

Training and seminary history:

  • LIFE COACH and COUNSELOR for systemic family advising under Steigls (Graz)
  • FAMILY CONSTELLATION with integrated process work under Marlis G.-Laule (Berlin)
  • WORKSHOPS on family constellation with Bert Hellinger, the founder of this method, as well as with Mathias Varga von Kibed and Insa Sparrer, among others
  • BODY-HARMONY practitioner and trainer under Don McFarland, Patrick Collard (Body Magic) and J. Eriksson Mörck
  • ENERGY HEALING with Dr. Robert Jaffe (Sedona): energy work with your higher being, a dialog with the soul
  • INNER CHILD HEALING under Dr. Edda Buresch (School for Personal Development)
  • TRANSCENDENCE PROCESS or the I AM Present under Gerd Ziegler (Germany)
  • and much more