Jasmin Schober-Howorka
IBAN AT222081502701937068



Fee invoice

My fees for remote constellations are calculated according to the time involved at € 135 / hour. A down payment of € 135 is required prior to each remote constellation. The remaining balance will be invoiced after I share the constellation results with you and must be paid in full within two days of receipt.
I offer various payment options:

Money orders

You can send a money order by mail – especially popular for pre-analyses (€ 60). In this case, you can enclose your ancestry information as well.

Bank transfer

Simply send me your ancestry information per email and transfer the amount to my account. You’ll find a link to my banking information in the field to the left.


You can now remit payment via PayPal, which is an instant transfer. Simply click on the button at the top left.

Are you unfamiliar with PayPal or do not yet have a PayPal account? More information can be found at the Paypal-Website.