Family constellation

  • How do families and relationships function?
  • Which destinies must my children or I subconsciously repeat?
  • How can I release myself from such identifications and entanglements from prior generations?
  • How important is the “acceptance of parents” for my own personal development? Example: “Mom, I’ll never be like you!”
  • What happens if partners from previous marriages are not respected and honored?
  • Which dynamic leads to acquiring a disease or causing it to recur or even wanting to follow someone to the grave?
  • How important in my life are unborn, unrecognized siblings from my mother’s womb?
  • How can I reconnect with and draw strength from the “pipeline” of my ancestors?
  • How can I free myself from karmic entanglements, old oaths, and vows from previous lives and regain lost personality facets, such as power, strength, and dignity?

These and many other questions are answered during open seminars as well as in individual and remote constellations and can be resolved through constellations.

Group constellations: constellations are made with other people during open seminars.

Individual constellations: constellations are made with blocks and pillows. With the aid of my clairvoyant perception, I can successfully resolve  constellation issues in individual sessions with you. Remote constellations: for long distances or in urgent cases, I can perform the constellation with You on the phone or via skype – for more details please see distance work.