Open Seminars




Open Seminars

Open seminars are for those who want to take a closer look at constellation work, have questions, or – if there’s enough time – want to take part in a constellation. Many come regularly because they benefit from every constellation, regardless whether they do constellations for themselves or are selected to stand in for someone else. Seeing this work first-hand is the best opportunity to personally experience and understand it. Open seminars are group-oriented processes; each issue and role leads up to and is an important step in preparing for one’s own constellation, which can then reach much deeper. In particular, “accepting one’s parents” is a very deep process that usually requires more than just one constellation to complete.

Prior registration is required for constellations.
The price depends on the amount of time required at € 145 / hour. A prior consultation will be scheduled.
No prior registration is required for spectators or those performing roles; fee € 15.00

Location: Castle St. Martin, A-8054 Graz, Kehlbergstrasse 35


Constellation topics

  • Family  or karmic problems with parents, siblings, and others
  • Relationship problems with current or former partners
  • Career orientation, money problems
  • Learning difficulties, addictions like alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Diseases and their causes, eating disorders
  • Integrating personality facets, such as the inner child, self-worth, self-confidence, or self-love

There is hardly a topic that cannot be dealt with in a constellation.