Distance work


Distance work

Distance work

Remote constellation

Some urgent concerns need to be assessed as quickly as possible. If individual or group constellations are difficult for you due to long distances or a lack of time, then remote constellations can be an option. In this process, I compile the necessary images and resolution statements for you and then share them with you over the telephone. You can experience for yourself the effect of the statements you speak aloud.
For a remote constellation, please download and fill out the Pre-analysis form​ and send it to me by email or snail mail. I only accept requests for remote constellations in writing.

In order to determine if remote constellation is suitable for your concern or if another form of healing is required, I generally perform a pre-analysis based on the data entered into the form.

Remote constellation costs are € 125,- per 1 hour. For exact details, please see the form.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Pre-analysis of your concern

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your trust in my work. I perform a pre-analysis of your concern in order to determine whether or not a constellation is the right approach to finding a solution. Sometimes another form of work is better suited to your issue.

I charge € 55,- for the time required to perform the pre-analysis.

As soon as I’ve received your information and payment, you’ll receive the results of the pre-analysis and information about further proceedings. The analysis reduces the time required for subsequent constellations and other types of work. Should your concern not be optimally resolved by my methods in integrative family constellations or if my schedule is fully booked, I will refer your concern and information to a colleague whom I will select especially for you.
I work only with the best remote constellation practitioners, energy practitioners, and healers, who are able to handle a wide array of topics in remote constellation.

More information about payment options can be found on the Payments page.